Entrepreneurship starts with inspiration. Pascal has delivered his deeply engaging, insightful and motivating presentation about entrepreneurship to thousands of students all around the world.

Let’s inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs together!

Gather at least 50 likeminded people and have Pascal present his deck on entrepreneurship – either via video conference or in person.


The 2013 World Development Report, published by the World Bank, concluded that we need to create 600 million new jobs globally in the next 15 years to keep current employment rates. Youth unemployment in formerly prosperous countries such as Spain now stands at nearly 60%, fueling the radicalization of protests and leading to a potentially “lost generation”. Continuing and accelerating improvements in automation is resulting in large-scale job losses at the lower end of the job market. In addition to financial hardship, unemployment is leading to significant mental health problems such as depression and anxiety, as well as increased levels of crime and violence.

We need to create opportunities for people to engage in meaningful work. We need to do this now. At scale and globally.

We cannot and should not rely on governments or the current breed of big corporations to create these opportunities. Instead, the future lies firmly in the hands of a new generation of entrepreneurs: creating hundreds of thousands of companies globally, and intrapreneurs bringing entrepreneurial thinking into existing organizations.

And yet: Entrepreneurship is not something young people at large consider a viable career path. Outside of a few highly entrepreneurial environments such as Silicon Valley or Tel Aviv, cultural perceptions around entrepreneurship focus on the risk of failure, the lack of social acceptance & status and related issues.


We need to inspire and support a generation of young leaders to become entrepreneurs and focus their efforts on tackling some of the world’s biggest problems (and create jobs doing so).

What’s missing today is the inspiration and support structures to become an entrepreneur in the first place. Much like Carl Sagan’s TV series “Cosmos” inspired a generation of students to pursue a career in science, we need to create the Carl Sagan-Moment for global entrepreneurship.

We need to create the support infrastructure allowing entrepreneurs to connect intimately in a safe and open environment, connect them with mentors and provide coaching.

We can fix this. Together.


Let’s begin by inspiring a generation of young leaders to become entrepreneurs.

Pascal has already been giving his highly regarded presentation on entrepreneurship to thousands of students all over the world. Gather at least 50 people and he will deliver his engaging hour-long talk (including time for Q&A) to your group, either via video conference (Skype or Hangout work great) or in person (please note that this requires sponsorship for travel costs and a nominal speaker fee).

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Curious how this sounds? Pascal recently gave a talk at the Symposium Oeconomicum in M√ľnster, Germany, on a related topic. Here's the video: